The project aims to:

  • upgrade and multiply the opportunities for up-skilling and re-skilling young workers in managing work related stress, via innovative VET tools and pedagogies, accompanied by skills acquisition assessment, recognition and validation methods.
  • empower the youth to coopt with the contemporary market needs in EU, where it will also promote collaboration, communication and networking among employed and non-employed EU citizens.

The project's specific objectives are:

  • Combat low levels of stress management skills among young workers through open and inclusive digital tools, resources and practices
  • Empower young workers to become creators of their own career via soft skills acquisition and maximize their employability opportunities
  • Enhance the development of critical media literacy skills and competences in VET
  • Provide innovative youth and VET pedagogical methods, best practice guidelines, and strategies towards the use of digital tools and innovative learning environments
  • Empower all stakeholders to use innovative ICT-based VET practices and resources in enhancing new skills for youth
  • Provide contemporary methods and tools for assessment of skills acquisition, recognition and validation